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Blog no:46 Spend time being with yourself when you're not doing something & you don't have to....

Just be with yourself when you're not having to do your to do list(s). You'll feel chilled and refreshed not having to do your to do lists - the bane of many of our lives.

If you do something / anything that makes you feel happy, your heart will be full of the beauty of being alive and of self-care and love vibrations. Fill the cathedral of your body with positive vibrations - so you have energy and connection to Earth, that is your home and other humans and animals home as well. Positive vibrations make Earth a wonderful place to live, so please all contribute as many as you can.

Try not to feel badness vibes about being on your own by thinking and saying the word lonely. Yes, loneliness is a horrible thing, but if you can take time to love yourself and make yourself be full of positive information to share with others and positive vibrations, you'll find yourself loved by other humans and this will help you to love yourself - which is very important. If you become great at meditation, you'll have taught your probably usually too busy mind to shut up and give you a break from life's stresses - you might have let a fear of loneliness become a stress in your life.

Becoming comfortable in your own company is very useful and important, just in case anything awful happens in your life, when you have no choice in being separated from those you love. Yes, this is not likely to happen, but who knows what the future holds for any of us. Deep, but true.

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