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Blog no: 33 What are the grand scheme of things to an individual?

The grand scheme of things to everyone on Earth are different, but it’s often just said as a throw away comment.

We each have different beliefs from: religion, politics, education and career needs - down to sexuality.

There is an overall grand scheme of things that we all have in common – in the grand scheme of things that happen to our home – Earth. Are different things we do or don’t do affecting the environment we live on? Are different parts of the worlds way of living possibly damaging the environment, so it’s affecting other humans who are not from the place where the humans who are causing damaging affects are from.

But when we talk about the grand scheme of things in personal terms – it means is something happening or going to happen that will affect one’s life in a huge can’t change it back kind of way to one personally or to other people who one cares about.

If you have to make a decision about something in your life, no matter how big or small it might be - it is important to think about how the affects of what you choose to do or not do, may affect one’s or other people’s life style. If it or they will leave bad affects on one’s safety, health and happiness levels, if you’re a decent person, you’ll probably feel like a bad person and regret your choices because of any negative effects your action(s) have caused, so it’s best to weigh it all up and try to come up with something that fixes it– a result or solution for something that will leave everyone involved in it or affected by it, feeling safe, healthy and happy they are alive to experience it.

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