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Blog no:32 Are you so happy for no good reason you're shocked? Here's what you could do to enjoy it.

If you find yourself generally feeling chuffed for no good reason this might shock you, which will probably make you feel even happier.

We all enjoy feeling happy and if you just wake up in a ridiculously good mood, try to just go with this feeling. Things you might have to do, even though you don't want to, probably won't seem like so much of a hassle when you feel like nothing can dampen your spirits.

To help you to celebrate this great way you feel for no good reason, try asking your friends to write you a list of the reasons they love you - reading this list should increase your smile to such a huge smile - it might feel like your face isn't big enough for it!

Also, to really make the most of it, ask your closest friends or a person whose company you really enjoy if they want to spend the day with you. Explain that you love them and why you do - you could say, "I just woke up with the feeling that life is too short not to spend it with those you love and those you have fun with".

Smiling and laughing are great medicine for your mental health - we all need healthy happy mental health as much as possible, so that no matter what life throws at us we can handle it without getting to upset or stressed out.

If you can when you feel happy, try to use your feeling extremely happy mood doing something you love to do. For example: my thing is a listen to my favourite music and I dance to it, which I really enjoy and I'm pretty good at dancing, so doing it is good to give my ego a boost, which raises my self-confidence.

I find life so much easier and happier when I believe in myself, most people are like this. If you're not sure if this sounds like you, take a break from your to do lists and reflect on how you feel about yourself each day and how you've acted in various different situations. If you don't like what you think about your way of being, try writing out what you'd do differently - so how you'd come across to others and to yourself if you are different in your way of being in each of your present moments.

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