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Blog no:28 Lets help domestic abuse victims out of their awful life as the caring community we are

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Lets help domestic abuse victims (who are usually women and their children) get out of their awful life situation - as the caring community that we are.

As a community - lets help stop domestic violence situations by donating to Refuge – the charity that supports women and their children to get away from their domestic attacker and they help them to rebuild their life, so they can be happy and feel safe.

Here’s how we can help Refuge to help victims of domestic abuse:

£5 a month could go towards providing emotional support to a child.

£10 a month could give a woman her independence back.

£25 a month could provide essentials for a woman arriving at a refuge.

Here’s the link to a page let will let you donate to support abused women:

If we all support if we can, we'll help to put an end to so many people's misery.

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