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Blog no:19Are you happy for no reason? Enjoy this happy feeling,remove worry in your present moments

Sometimes, good times - you find yourself happy for no good reason, so happy you listen to your favourite music with a smile on your face, you find your dancing moves flow out of your happy human self.

Happy moments like these can make you cry - don't worry they are tears of happiness.

You might find yourself shocked about feeling happy, that they may make you feel even happier - you might have missed feeling this level of joyfulness.

At times like this, with your new found self confidence, ask your friends to write / create a list for you of every reason they love you and why you are the person they always turn to for comfort and to make them find situations / life incidents funny - putting a smile back on their face because you've helped them to feel happy to be alive and feel grateful for every positive thing they have in their life.

At times like these you should try to really live your life in the present moment, don't fret about past events or worry about things that may go wrong for you. Just make the most of your happy present moment - of which there will be many if you think and feel happy thoughts - sending out positive vibrations into the universe.

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