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Blog no:14 Human individuals ages 0 – ?old conventionally explained. Who we're supposed to be at age

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Blog no: 14 Human individuals ages 0 – ? old - conventionally explained. Who we are supposed to be at what age - explained as much as possible for now - 2022.

What most of society expects you to be at the various different ages most of us live through, makes it difficult for one to be who they truly want to be in their lifetime.

I’m 41 now and back in my youth, I was taught that one didn’t have a boyfriend until one was a teenager, one stuck in education until one had a degree. A woman and man fall in love (if they’re lucky) , get married, have children, then the woman stays at home while pregnant and still stay at home to bring up their child and if she’s lucky get back onto the career ladder – trying to earn as much if not more than her husband, but that wasn’t expected from most obedient women – my how times have changed.

When I was in my 20s most of my very senior managers - so my bosses and Heads of Department were women and the exceptionally well organised in every way women had given birth and had made themselves have a very happy family. This is actually how it was and I’m not writing this because I’m a woman, I’m just explaining to you how it used to be. I think these days it is more often expected females to go onto higher education, be successful in their career and be able to afford a nanny whom will look after their children, if their man doesn’t want to, or it’s just not the right role in life for him.

Now it’s 2022 medical assistance is helping humans to beat dreaded illnesses like cancer and others that would stop them working, such as dementia – so whether we like it or not, because most of us eat healthier and have great medical care, we’re living longer. So what was considered to be old age when I was younger – so after standard retirement age: 60 – 65 one is seen to be old, not go out shopping for all sorts that makes them happy, nor have a fun and young feeling social life. It’s now more possible to get pregnant at older ages these days.

Personally, just because I’m approaching what's conventionally considered retirement age: 65, I do not intend, to act in more sensible boring ways, stop hanging out with my friends, at home, the pub or a fun filled girly night out clubbing, nor do I intend to stop DJing, just because I might have a few early stages wrinkles. I hope you're feeling a bit of girl power from this blog! The bottom line is - always believe in yourself no matter what age you are and look after yourself well in every way - so you can live as long and as happily as you want to.

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