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Blog: 86 Do you need & want to take yourself back to how you felt in your youth?

If you need or want to take yourself back to how you felt in your younger years – so you want to be feeling young and full of fun for you to enjoy your life – here’s how I suggest you can to do this…

If you’ve still got clothes from your younger years and you can still fit into them – wear them and using your Alexa – the modern day music tool, if you’ve got one – listen to songs and bands you used to enjoy when you were still becoming who you are now in your older years.

Usually your teenage years or your 20s, you will have your favourite music memories from your those days to enjoy again.

As an example, because I was born in the early 1980s, here are mine I enjoy listening to so I can start my day off in a happy way: Kylie, the Back street Boys, Steps and some golden oldies from the 1970s - such as most of the disco classics. I also like listening to early clubbing classics from groups such as Faithless and The Prodigy. Ah they take me back to not giving a shit to how I was considered a full on party animal.

You should drag out old photos you have with some of your closest friends from your younger years in a variety of situations and poses.

Try having a themed party where you ask your friends to attend dressed in the fashion crazes of whichever decade of music you are going to play all night.

What’s better about living in younger ways, different to how I do now I’m 41, is that I know I won’t make any mistakes getting with a wrong partner for a kiss or two because I’m older and wiser I won’t be under the influence of anything like alcohol or drugs. I enjoy my nights because of the great company I have and I truly enjoy the music, dancing well and safely – nope I won’t fall over because I will have been drinking a lot cheaper bottles of water.

Partying when one is older and wiser, means one can have a good day the day after the night or day before, because one won’t feel rough, can recall every detail of the socializing event and one hasn’t spent a small fortune on drinks at the bar – alcohol is sooo expensive these days – this year bring 2023. Even my favourite drink Diet Coke is not cheap any more, inflation is rather out of control these days – oh dear!

Still when you let go of any day time worries you might have now you’re older, by letting go and enjoying yourself at a party or day time picnic or BBQ – you’ll remember how great it was to be allowed to not care too much about things because you were in your youth. Ah the good old days!

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