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Blog: 82 I want to share a Boogie with you now! It should put a smile on your face! x

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

I’m so chuffed that I have a dog called Boogie in my life who I’m currently sponsoring until he has a permanent home found for him by the DogsTrust.

When I was at Tesco the other day, the DogsTrust were there with photos of many dogs and I could sponsor one of them. Wow! One dog was very difficult to choose because they are all such lovely friendly looking dogs, who DogsTrust are looking after until they are able to find them a permanent home to live at. Because I’m a dancer, I was immediately drawn to the pale tricolor Beagle male dog called Boogie!

I’ve chosen to sponsor him by donating £10.00 a month, which helps to look after him.

If you’ve got a big heart and you love dogs like I do, you could go to: and choose yourself a dog to sponsor, you’ll struggle not to when you see many wonderful dogs – You might want to adopt one of them.

If you choose to sponsor one of the dogs, they ask you to donate £8.67 a month and you can choose which date your first payment comes out of your account.

Once you’ve signed up to do this, you’ll receive 2 ‘My profile’ postcards that have a photo of your chosen dog on the front and on the back it tells you details such as their date of birth and when they arrived at the Dogs Trust – a funny thing mine says is: ‘Distinguishing feature’ My floppy ears! – How cute! Touches like this have warmed my heart (if it can get any warmer).

You’ll also get a fridge magnet and a sponsor a dog window sticker. I’m carless at the moment, so my car window sticker is going on my mum’s car window. I’ll also be receiving a supporter magazine, which will keep me up-to-date with the latest doggy news and info about all the work DogsTrust are able to do with sponsorship donations like mine and hopefully yours too.

Their website is a great place to read about the work they do to support dogs and find homes for them – if you check it out, it should help to put a smile on your face.

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Wonderful Laura! Dogs are the best ❤️

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