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Blog: 80 Happiness is infectious - be happy to spread happiness to others, here's how to do this...

The affects of your body language on yourself and others is such quiet communication and very important for all of us to understand better than we do, so we aren't misunderstood. Body language not only affects how others see and feel about you, but also shows how you feel about yourself. Maybe not something you want to share with others.

A report co-authored by psychologist Amy Cuddy, claims that simply by doing one of the three poses related to power for only 2 minutes a day, you can create a 20% increase in the confidence hormone - testosterone and a 25% decrease in the stress hormone - cortisol. The report says that by doing the famously known 'power poses' are a quick and easy way to feel more powerful. Why not give em' a go?

If you don't want to stand or stay in poses, but you feel happier and more comfortable when you're listening to music, if you enjoy having a bit of a move and groove, try having a small dance to one of your favourite songs that helps to put a smile on your face.

Smiling and feeling high on life releases feel-good hormones called endorphins in you - trust me this is a great winning way to feel.

If you're not feeling great, put yourself around others who are happy (if you can). They're vibrating higher than you and you'll catch these happy vibes from them and naturally smile. Lifestyle habits will help you to do this.

If you fall out with someone you're close to, this will pull your emotional state down - to rise it again, try to do something fun with others whom you haven't fallen out with and who are happy - so they have high vibrations that you'll absorb from them just by hanging out with them.

To help me at times like this I've set up a playlist called 'happy to be alive again'. I listen and move/groove to the songs on this playlist - it always puts a smile on my face and I feel very happy to be alive again. Being with your happy friends you'll probably have a smile on your face that will rise your vibrations - another winning feeling.

Yes, you'll just have temporarily avoided the problem - falling out with your friend, so nothing with that relationship has improved in your mind, but your vibrations will be higher drawing resolve and happiness to you to solve this problem.

If you have nobody to hang out with, try meditating - this completely changes the way your brain functions. Meditation and studying your low-vibration emotions, can help to transform, any low negative feeling vibrations by turning them into higher vibration emotions. Meditating might help you to view your fall out in a more positive way.

You can learn how to meditate by reading about it on the internet or by getting a book out from a library if you can't afford to buy a how to meditate book.

Meditating will help you to transform your brain functions into higher-vibration emotions.

Everything on Earth is a vibration, so everything you engage with will affect your personal vibrations in one way or another. So do your best to steer clear of moody people. You can tell what they're like and who they are by the look they give you with their eyes and their expression on their face.

How to hold yourself, gesture and your facial expressions while you're talking to others are non-verbal - so think about the messages you're giving others with your body language. To help you figure out your body language - in the mirror practice your body poses and your facial expressions - so you can be understood in each of your life's situations the ways you want to be understood. Think about how a person you've seen looks when they're upset, stressed out or angry, don't copy their poses if you're not feeling any of these ways and you don't want others to think you are feeling those emotions. Think about how a person looks when you know they're happy - you'll witness much friendlier, open body language. Try to mirror their body language if you want to draw positive vibrations people into your life. Their positive vibrations will spread to you - so everyone's a winner!

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