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Blog: 8 Do you have an addictive personality? Here's how to have a healthily addictive personality.

Do you have an addictive personality like me? Here's how to have a healthily addictive personality.

If you tend to like a few things that aren’t good your health, looks or bank balance, you’ve possibly got it in your genes from a family member, like I’ve inherited my addiction personality from my father. The things I used to struggle with are – I have a very sweet tooth, smoking cigarettes and over achieving – succeeding / never failing.

Whatever yours is or are, it is often possible to find alternatives. E.G: I use Nicorette spray instead of smoking cigarettes now, they’re not cheap, but they’re better than inhaling cancer inducing smoke. It’s psychological; I have a spray of it when I wake up, once I’ve finished some work, after I’ve eaten a meal and before I go to sleep. I have been addicted to nicotine since I was 14 years old, so I couldn’t get rid of it entirely – but it has been a whole year since I’ve had an actual cigarette, trust me nicotine will be gone from my life entirely once I mentally exchange it for my other once career – dancing so – exercise. So I’ll have exchanged it for listening to, dancing to and DJing music – which is a healthy wonderful addiction.

This technique is also working for my addiction to sugar – I don’t know about you, but I have a very sweet tooth. Chocolate was my best friend, but also was making me fat, so it was also an enemy of mine. I now drink whatever is the cheapest diet coke I can find, so I’m still getting the sweet taste in my mouth, but without putting weight on.

Whatever you are doing to excess, keep it up if it’s not making you unhappy for whatever reason, or too unhealthy – putting your looks and your life most importantly at risk.

Those who love you and care about you will hopefully help you, if you tell them about your mission to do less of whatever you choose it should help you out. I say to my mum and friends, “please don’t buy me any cigarettes or chocolate”. The closest to me don’t, which is helping me out big time, because if you have an addictive personality, and you’re just starting off on your mission to be rid of whatever you choose to be rid of, if it’s within your reach – so you know it’s / they are not too far away from you, you might be a bit to tempted to indulge yourself in your chosen lifetime habit.

Trust me please, if I can get rid of my addictions - anyone can, just be patient with yourself, tell those closet to you, to help you out and encourage you. Tell yourself each morning that you will win this battle, because you’re one of life’s winners. Feel your self-confidence grow, once your time to yourself increases, you look and mentally feel better and people notice the changes in you, you’ll get compliments - your self-esteem will grow. GO YOU!!!

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