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Updated: Feb 28, 2023

When you were a child before you learnt about the things that seem and are important to most adults such as world leavers, politicians and Royals, E.G.: Nelson Mandela. Margret Thatcher, Princess Diana etc. Before one’s grown up life happens mainly film & pop stars and TV presenters were the youth’s Heroes – well, they were the people I wanted to meet and be.

Personally my youth was in the 1980s & 1990s, so I followed who we were marketed to that were cool and whom to look up to and want to be like. My people I wanted to meet and be a lot like were:

Pop stars – Kylie Minogue – I kind of look like her and I wanted to be a singer and dancer – to me she had everything going for her, she still does now in the 21st century, Madonna, the same goes for her.

I wanted to be friends with and be like TV presenters: Zoe Ball and Sara Cox – they seem like hip and fun girls to go out and have a good laugh with.

I’d love to meet Josh Hartnett and Jared Letto for obvious reasons.

Carl Cox, I’d love to be on the same line up as him – he comes across as a lovely man and we’re both DJs, so I respect him for his career and that he has a good rapport with the crowd.

The Spice girls – their songs were fun, they were stylish and they seemed like they’d be great company.

Now I’m 41, I’ll share with you that I met Kylie when I went to see her in concert when I was in my 20s, she was on stage and she pointed at me and said, “come here little me”. Wow! I went and met my hero on stage live while she hugged me, she spoke to me for a sec, then carried on singing. She’s a real trooper having kept her singing career going or so many years and having had breast cancer and survived it.

When I was in LA I bumped into Brad Pitt – what a lucky girl I am – he said I was the most beautiful female he’d ever met – that did not go to my head and give me a huge ego – he wouldn’t say that if he met me now – ah well – ageing hey!

Because of my brief trip to Heaven because I was hit by a police car at 50 mph, I met the world’s most glam woman ever – Marilyn Monroe and hottie Bob Marley – okay I’m just showing off now. Sorry – I’m sure most people would brag about meeting these legends.

When you feel grown up mentally and you look grown up, the people you’d love to meet are probably similar to who you’d have loved to meet when you were younger, but probably for different reasons now.

I’d love to meet Michelle Obama because she famously said:

“Friendships between women, as any woman will tell you, are built of a thousand small kindnesses... swapped back and forth and over again.”

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t agree more.

Also, DJ Annie Mac – she comes across as a gentle, kind and fun woman. I respect her DJing and I wish I was as successful a female DJ as her.

You never know if you’ll get a chance to meet whomever you’d love to meet, but try to hang out in the areas you’ve hopefully found out they hang out in – you go there and who knows your luck.

You’ve got to be in to win it as they like to say!

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