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Blog: 69 Have you ever missed something so much, when you experience it again - happy tears flow?

Having missed something so much that when you experience it again, even if you only have it in your life again for just 1 minute - tears of happiness flow out of your eyes, because you are being reminded of a thing that has always made you feel so happy and joyous?

If this sounds like a time that this has happened to you, be happy about this reminder you've had because you have happiness again only better now! Because you're older and wiser these days, so your experience will be safer and healthier now so you will be happier in each of your moments while you're living in each of your present moments, because you've learned how to be in your present time each moment of your life - that is really essential for happiness in your life.

Give getting a calendar and a diary a go - that you can write the words 'I will feel joyous today because I am in control of my life's feelings'.

This will help you to have and emit positive vibrations out into your atmosphere where you'll be for the day and this will help you feel less stressed out and bored with your daily 'to do lists'.

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