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Blog: 26 Getting used to not having to go to a work place – being your own boss who you respect

Getting used to not having to go to a work place – being your own great boss who you respect and work at your best for.

If you don’t have a job anymore, because you were sacked, made redundant, the company you worked for went bust or you just wanted a change in the type of career you had – because you want to enjoy how you spend your time in your life.

But you currently are still getting used to not having to get up every morning and go to your ex work place – you might wake up in the early hours of the day and think ‘how will I get to work on time and be at my best when I didn’t sleep well last night?’.

Then you calmly stop and think about your current life situation – phew! you feel very relieved, because you are now your own boss, who each day is letting you think about and possibly study what you are most interested in and you know you excel at.

This is a great feeling and place to be at while you figure out how and where you want to spend the majority of your time with others or by yourself at home.

If you choose the self-employed working from home option like I have, be chuffed that you can dress how you feel most comfortable each day and work at whatever time of the day or night your brain works best at and you can make your own deadlines (if you have any).

Sure you’re having to be pretty careful with money now, because you don’t have an exact same amount coming into your bank account each month, but most people are having to be careful with their money now it’s the end of 2022 - when most things cost more than they should and more than they used to. So you’re not on your own when it comes to trying to spend less and save more. Many other humans are having to tighten their purse strings.

Take a step back from your present moment possible feeling of lack of self-confidence you might be having.

Remember and feel: you’re an internally strong person for having the courage to step away from how we’re brought up. To believe we should work, act and conform to old school traditional values and conventional ways of living. You’ve found the strength to be your own boss and legally live how you want to live each day. GO YOU!

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