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Blog 205: Here’s how to stop feeling vulnerable

If you feel vulnerable it means you are being extremely sensitive and down towards the balance in your heart (emotions) and mind (logic). You take things seriously which most people tend to ignore. You tend to be extremely happy about small things and you’ll probably freak out about minute things.

To help you stop feeling vulnerable – start off by acknowledging your emotions. It helps if you allow yourself to feel what you are thinking about. Having a chat with your best friends can help you to feel you’ve lightened the load off your mind too. Try to make it that your friend who you share what is going on in your vulnerable self – is a friend who never fails to put a smile on your face.

I’ve found that if I take the risk to let myself be / feel vulnerable – I experience what’s on the other side – feelings of courage and joy.  This comes from getting over something. Get into the feelings of joy and let yourself love this experience!

To understand what being vulnerable means – we must be a bit intelligent in the biology side of things:

Feeling Vulnerable is part of your brain’s survival design – the fight or flight part of it. This is passed onto us from our ancestors who back in the day had to survive being attacked by wild animals on many parts of Earth. And research shows that some of us are genetically more inclined to feel vulnerable than others. Although it’s not nice, it is a fact that some of us are wired to feel vulnerable.

You can recover from feeling vulnerable by practising ‘self-maintenance’. This involves engaging in activities that replenish your emotional well-being and provide you with comfort. Activities might include writing in your diary how you’re feeling in your present moment and about things that have happened to you during your day, spending time in nature (most of us love to be close to trees and flowers), practising mindfulness and meditation and engaging in hobbies that you enjoy.

Past traumatic experiences that have not been fully processed or resolved can increase your vulnerability to triggers. Unprocessed trauma can create emotional triggers that are easily activated by certain stimuli or situations – leading to intense emotional reactions.

If you’ve had something happen to you that was traumatic, doing these things in the bullet points (below) here should help you to get over your past traumatic experience –  this will help you to feel less vulnerable:

·      Develop self-compassion. This will stop you from feeling not as good as others and / or like a failure. You’ll be kind to yourself and have common humanity.

·      Challenge negative beliefs.

·      Seek supportive relationships.

·      Practice mindfulness. This is the cognitive skill of sustaining the contents of one’s own mind usually in the present moment. Taking your focus to the present moment and away from other thoughts.

·      Meditate – this will help you to practice mindfulness.

·      Reflect on past experiences of you being one of life’s winners!

Being one of life’s winners means you have made yourself stop being & feeling vulnerable.



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