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Blog:203 Kids & families need your support: WORLDVISION

WORLDVISION says ‘ENOUGH to child hunger’, so can you say this, if you sponsor a child here:

Join them to ensure every child has enough food to thrive. I don’t know about you, but my body and brain don’t / can’t operate as they were born to if I’m hungry. Imagine how kids and adults feel who live in countries that are struggling to help their own society’s people survive.

Go to the WORLDVISION website to find out what is happening to children in the financially poor, conflict and climate change worst affected parts of the world.

No child should have to starve to death.

You’ll see it says that ‘every 10 seconds a child dies from malnutrition’.

That’s more than 3 million children every year.

This must stop.

If you just buy yourself or those you love a few less food treats e.g. less bars of chocolate, for you to be able to donate either a one-off payment or once a month every month to help children and their families to eat – to stop them dying from starvation – please do this now.


Click on this link to stop hunger around the World:






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