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Blog: 202 HALT - feelings that hijack your emotions

HALT stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired

These are feelings that can hijack your emotions and the part of your brain that controls your logical thinking.

I don’t know about you, but if I ever feel any of: HALT, I feel less capable of doing things in my life. Such as small things to do on my ‘To Do list’, or having a boogie to my favourite music. Usually, knout can stop me from tapping my toes while sitting down or shaking my thing on a dance floor.

However, if I’m Hungry or if I’m having a hyper from having drank too many sugary drinks (hyper means one has a feeling of light headedness & dizzyness, plus zero energy), I can’t think constructively until I’ve eaten something e.g. just one small sandwich.

If I’m Angry, this means I’m upset or stressed out about something. I won’t do anything other than make a written plan (usually in my diary) on what I can/should do to sort it out in baby steps. If I can’t sort it out now, I make myself let it go by picking up a book I’m reading, or I’ll watch a film on Netflix that I’ve been wanting to see for ages. I will make myself pay full attention to the conversations happening and the sights I’ll see in the film.

I hate being alone, but I have loads of mates so that doesn’t happen very often. But if I’m feeling H & A, feeling L is very bad because being Lonely is a time when my mind starts to over think things – are you like this? Such as a ‘To Do’ list that wasn’t completed a week ago, or last night’s dinner not turning out as well as I saw it made on a TV cookery programme. Ridiculous hey! If you ever feel Lonely do you best to be around other people, even if you have to go to a café, the library or your local pub to have a soft drink on your own. Do go out of your house because being around other people generates mood enhancing chemicals and helps to prevent your view of life becoming narrow and negative. If in doubt that you need some cheering up, text or call one of your friends. Make it be someone who never fails to make you laugh your socks off. Giggling with a close friend might just save you from feeling as if there is no way you’ll ever feel chuffed about being you ever again.

Being / feeling Tired sucks hey! If you feel Tired, do try to stop overdoing it. Perhaps you’re a: workaholic or party animal. As the old saying says ‘burning the candle at both ends’ is never a wise nor healthy thing to do. Tiredness can affect your mood; you might become depressed or moody with your friends and / or colleagues. You know as well as I do, that nobody is a fan of a grumpy person. Tiredness will affect the standard of your projects at your job, or on your project at home. The feedback you’ll get about your personality, or the standards of your work might be bad, meaning your self-esteem will drop. This will quite possibly lead you to feel rather depressed.

If you ever have these emotions that make you feel like crap, your feelings have been hijacked by HALT. Before HALT starts running the show and wrecking your life there are some actions you can and should take:

Create a HALT checklist. This involves you keeping a diary of your moods and what you do to manage them. This will help you to become more familiar with your emotional patterns and could prevent some problems from arising time and time again.

You might make some discoveries about yourself. Such as, you might find that you eat more unhealthy foods that are adding to your body’s weight (not adding to your happiness level), when you feel depressed caused by any of the HALT things that can hijack your emotions.






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