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Blog: 201 Help to save lives today - CARE

CARE is there to help people when they need it most. They are one of the World’s leading humanitarian agencies, delivering life saving assistance when disaster strikes.

On their website’s homepage you can find out about the many ways they help out people around the world who are living in poverty. 

Also, at the bottom of the homepage you can sign up to learn how you can support CARE:

One of the ways I’m trying to help out from the UK is by donating 25.00 pounds (donating money each month is also an option) to pay for a ‘Life-saving kit’ that will help a new mum get off to the best possible start with her baby.

Please click this link to donate to a new mum & baby:

Here are some very upsetting, but true facts for you:

·      A woman dies every 120 seconds from a preventable cause related to pregnancy and childbirth.

·      Almost 95% of maternal deaths happen in low and lower-middle income countries.

If you can donate 50.00 pounds a safe delivery kit can and shall be given to a pregnant woman in these poor countries. If you can afford to donate 100.00 pounds, you’ll really help out a pregnant woman, by them getting a hospital delivery kit. Your gift could help a woman when she needs it most.

Please trust me I’d donate the 100.00 pounds if I could financially afford to. But I suppose every penny counts, so I’ve given what I can financially afford to.

Plus, hopefully you’ll forward the links in this blog post to your friends & colleagues to spread the word & help out CARE as much as possible.

Please do spread the word about the good work CARE do.


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