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Blog 200: Take your mask off. It’ll help you understand yourself - you’ll feel free

Taking your mask off means to drop a façade and reveal your true nature.

A personality mask is an external identity. It’s a set of traits that are manufactured by you rather than you letting them grow organically. It is you not letting yourself be the real you. This is usually in response to a family dynamic, social pressure, or workplace culture.

When I worked for a bank that is one of the world’s best banks - to fit in most of my colleagues were different inside the office compared to who they were once the oh so professionally worn suit was off – at the end of their workday shift.

I managed to get it in place that on Fridays myself and all my colleagues could wear more chilled out, colourful, therefore happier clothes e.g. jeans and a t-shirt.  Fridays were the easiest day to feel happy when I was with my colleagues. Those that let themselves have a good laugh whilst continuing to do their oh so serious job (people’s finances are taken very seriously don’t you know), Funnily enough I internationally became a very well liked, popular member of staff, because of me making the professional ‘no uniform day’ happen every Friday at all the bank’s international offices.

It meant once a week people at my workplace could take their mask off = they were a lot happier.

 I’m still good friends with many of my ex-colleagues who were so chuffed that once a week, they felt free to be who they wanted to be at work.

Give this song  called ‘Free’ by Ultra Nate a listen – really listen to and learn from the words:

You’ll be more confident without wearing a mask, this will help you to have higher self-esteem that = more self-confidence.

Don’t panic if you do hide behind a mask daily – most of us do for one reason or another.

If you’ve got kids, you can help them to build their self-esteem by praising them for all their accomplishments: big and small. This will help them to feel more confident in themselves and less likely to hide behind a mask.


If on a personal level, removing the mask is due to body image concerns - remind yourself you are so much more than just your appearance. Try to remind yourself that your self-worth is so much more than your looks. It is you believing in yourself because you’re a wonderful person = you’re a wonderful you.

If you feel anxious at times, here’s how to overcome mask insecurity:

  1. Think about why you're so resistant to unmasking.

  2. Start slow.

  3. Reach out for help if you need it.

  4. Remember: Compassion is key.


Compassion means you have sympathetic pity and concern for the misfortunes and sufferings of others. If this sounds like you, thank you for being such a good egg by you having compassion for others.


A best friend of mine: (Rhiannon) is a very compassionate person – I love that I have her to turn to if things aren’t going well for me.

If you have a person in your life like this – I bet, you love them loads.




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