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Blog: 196 How to find & use your sense of adventure

Do you regularly ask yourself about things you want to have in your life, but you’re not sure how to answer your own questions:

“What do I want?  “Why do I want / need it?” & “When should I do it?”

If you struggle to come up with possible answers to these life changing questions, try to use your sense of adventure to inspire ideas in your mind.

·      Seek out small, local adventures frequently.

·      Act like you’re travelling, even while you’re at home.

·      Block out time in your diary for adventure (always prioritize it) each week – with no exceptions.

·      Plan for big adventures for you to look forward to.


It helps if you do these things too:

·      Understand your fears.

·      Surround yourself with like-minded people. (come on, no-one likes hanging out with boring people who don’t have a sense of adventure and fun about them).

·      Try seeing the world in different ways. Try searching the history and present time news about places you want to go to have an adventure at.

·      Find the spirit of adventure in everyday life. Such as try taking a new route to buy your food and or to go to  work. Engage in small actions that make you feel fulfilled - such as going to a new restaurant or finding a new hobby.

·      Try out how the locals in another country on Earth from have fun. Have a theme night, wear different clothes from your usual safe outfit, listen to music of a band from a faraway land. This should help you have a big smile on your face.


Here are some top tips for you to become a real life-adventurer:

·      Review what you’ve done in your life so far – write it down so you can have a useful reminder.

·      Make friends wherever you go.

·      Choose your attitude and your life goals & take positive steps towards making it happen.

·      Use your past successes to feed your attitude.

·      Save up for an adventure and JUST DO IT!


When you catch up with a friend you should ask them to describe the moment in their life that they felt most alive.

You’ll probably find that most your friends will describe a travelling experience they’ve had. Maybe it was bungee jumping & / or sky diving in Australia. Research show that 90% of people say this. Even though most people spend less than 5% of the year away from home. This is probably due to having a lack of funds or not enough days holiday at work to take. If this sounds like you, why not walk away from your quite possibly boring job that doesn’t make you wake up feeling happy to be alive – go and work in another country e.g. volunteering at a village school in a remote part of Africa or working in a nightclub in Ibiza. Both places are very beautiful – plenty of adventures can be had in places that are not where you have lived for far too long.

When you’re at home you leave little room for adventure. Most of us humans justify our monotony by committing to short breaks such as weekends away from home. Also, week-long breaks throughout the year. These will be moments when you feel happy to be alive.

An adventure is simply an exciting or remarkable experience. Adventures are experiences that make you feel alive and very happy about this fact.

Good news, there are ways to live adventurously without getting on a plane. You could:

·      Hike a local high point.

·      Take new routes while you go running.

·      Wake up on a weekend morning and walk 10 miles. Take breaks in parks to journal new things you’ve seen.

·      Camping in your garden is fun. I feel like I’m on a camping holiday in Cornwall (my fav spot in the UK), when I do this.

We have one mind-set when we’re at home and another more positive mindset while we’re travelling.

We feel unhappy at home because of the same old day after the same old day. While we’re travelling, we lack the ability to control what mindset we’re in.


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