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Blog: 195 Originality – how to find out who you are & be who you want to be

People often say to each other “try to be original” – they usually say this when they’re trying to give you advice on how to live your life feeling happy all the time. I looked it up and originality refers to doing new things. Original ways of doing things attract attention to the doers of it - creating thus a leadership prestige. It also says that originality gives a person a striking position in inter social stimulation.

In easier to get it words…. If you do something a bit different to everyone else, if it’s exciting, fresh & funky it will give you the edge on life’s playing field. You’re more likely to get the job of your dreams that you’re interviewing for. Plus, loads of people will want to hang out with you – to see if they can catch the funky beat you seem to have going in your funky inspiring soul.

Originality means the state of being fresh and new. It is inventiveness, creativeness, cleverness, ingenuity & the ability to express oneself in an independent & individual manner. One’s creative ability, freshness or novelty will be shared with others as an idea, a plan to get it rolling and / or a performance. Originality is usually associated with characteristics such as being imaginative or creative. It is creatively: fresh and new, not derived from something someone else has already come up with.

Given that technology is so great these days at letting us share whatever we want or need to, plus technology has been tip top for quite a few years now. It’s rather difficult to be original because most things have been done by someone else before.

So, you might as well discover the real you – to see if you can go get em’ by being really cool because there is only 1 you!

Here are 5 top tips for how to find the real you:

The real you is your unique strengths and abilities. Your unique goals, dreams and desires for your life. Your memories, experiences and knowledge which inform the story you believe and tell about yourself. Plus, it’s your perspectives, beliefs, and values.

Here are the 5 top tips:

·      Make sense of your life story.

·      Focus on your strengths.

·      Embrace silence.

·      Identify where you find meaning in life.

·      Work with a therapist.

Most likely you asking yourself  “who am I?’ will evolve & expand throughout your life. Discovering who you are, what you need and where you want to go next in your life often takes time. If you can take the time to do / think these things through it can be a deeply rewarding process.

If you’re unsure where to start (I was a bit like I was), focus on your strengths, embrace silence, and practice self-care: this involves thinking about where you find meaning in your life. This can be constructive as can seeking the support of a therapist, they’ll be able to help you discover the tools, knowledge, and confidence you may need to begin and continue the life-long journey of self-discovery.

You might be thinking I don’t have time in my life to do these things, but if you really care about yourself, book a few days off work, get a babysitter and go to a spa or health retreat to get away from the many distractions there are in life these days – e.g., TV, social media or going to the pub with your mates.


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