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Blog: 194 Believe & act as if it were impossible to fail

To achieve the life that you want to live is to concentrate on your life objectives and consider your goals, aspirations, desires, and plans. Change what you’re doing, even if only a little bit.  If you really like the thing you’ve started doing, you want to do it tomorrow, and for the rest of the week etc - try thinking about continuing to do it during the next year, or whatever seems achievable.

Having high self-esteem / belief in yourself is the key to making your things happen for you. If you feel that there is no way you can fail, others will be attracted to the you being successful vibes you give out.

To not fail you should be clear about what your goals are, plan how to get there, and be willing to modify.

Create a VISION board for your life’s goal(s), this might seem a bit silly, but having a place for you to be able to see / read your life goal(s) creates a perfect start to each day.

Experts and real-life success stories back up the idea that having a clear goal on a VISION board makes you much more likely to succeed than if you don’t have a VISION board. A place to remind you why you’re putting all your get up and go vibes into how you spend your time these days.

Here’s how to create your life’s VISION board.

Your best idea grows out of your hopes, dreams, and goals.

On a piece of paper write these goals: No: 1 write the name of goal, next to it, No: 2 underneath it write in a few words what you need to do to get it, then No:3 how you will do these things.

Your VISION board will connect you with your values and goal(s). It will give you energy and excitement, that will help you stay more committed and focused to achieving your life’s possibilities: your goals.

It’s essential to remember that a happy life doesn’t usually happen by accident, it is usually planned.

If you want to understand how to achieve your life goals, you need to do these things:

·      Mental dump – to reduce brain clutter, write down everything you think – I bet there are some great thoughts in your brain.

·      Identify priorities – set everyday chores that will help you achieve your objectives as a priority. Determine your preferences in life.

·      Say no – establish the ability to set limits and reject requests from others.

·      Avoid multitasking – according to research, multitasking is bad for concentration and productivity.

To stop you failing you should stay motivated on the way to achieving your goal(s). You must have confidence in yourself, maintain inspiration and persevere in the face of obstacles to be self-motivated.

Staying self-motivated will help you believe and act as if it were impossible to fail.








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