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Blog 192: Kids - anxiety & problems at home you can help to stop these things

When you were a child living with your family or in a kid home, did you suffer from anxiety? And / or have any problems at home – such as bullying sometimes leading to violence?

If you didn’t that’s great, but if you did you ‘ll have it in your heart to help kids out to not go through these things anymore. Anxiety is when you feel scared, worried, or panicky about something.

All sorts of things can cause anxiety. Sometimes it has a clear trigger, but other times it can come out of nowhere. It isn’t great no matter what age you are, but it’s not a great start in life for a kid. It can have lasting effects on one’s self-confidence. It might stop you doing what you want to do in life. It’s a normal, human response to stress or danger.

Anyone can experience anxiety regardless of age, gender, culture, or race. If it starts when you’re a kid and they have problems at home, the feeling might not go away as it would once the problem(s) has been solved and they feel safe.

Kids sometimes say that their anxiety has been dismissed as perfectionism, or it’s the normal ups and downs of being a teenager. But if it’s impacting a kid’s life, they deserve help. Click this link to discover some real stories from young people about what caused their anxiety:

Here you can read and see how BBC Children in Need help children who carry the heaviest life backpack:

You can help BBC Children In Need by donating money to: pay for food parcels for kids, also to have one-to-one counselling to help them get through all sorts of things that might have happened to them, such as, violence in home leading to parents getting divorced and / or their: mum or dad dying. A large donation of 100.00 pounds can pay for a week of after school sessions for 15 children and young people affected by mental health issues providing a safe space where they can get or build their self-confidence.

Donate by clicking this link, where you’ll go to the BBC Children in Need single or monthly donation pay page:

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