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Blog: 182 - Make 2024 be full of healthiness, happiness & harmony

Happy New ‘2024’ Year to you!


Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? If you have, I’m sure you’re really determined to not let yourself down by not sticking to them and you want to succeed in achieving to them.


2024 is going to be the year you’re the best strongest you right?!


Here are mine:


·      Sugar is no longer going to be part of my appetite. Diet coke & chocolate will be in my life no more. HEALTHINESS

·      I’ll give up nicotine by stopping using Nicorette Spray. HEALTHINESS

·      I’ll do exercise & dancing every day. HEALTHINESS

·      I’ll continue to be a chatterbox, but I’ll develop my listening skills & write every day. HAPPINESS

·      I’ll do more for other people by donating to more charities. HARMONY

·      I’ll give myself more relaxation time – by being more gentle & kind to my brain. HAPPINESS & HARMONY

·      I’ll spend more time with my mum & my best friends. HAPPINESS & HARMONY


I don’t know about you, but I want all of these things because even though there might be temptation(s) to not stick to them, such as if I’m having a really bad day – habits of how to cope in silly ways (such as having sugar & nicotine) might be temptations to happen.


I know that the best way to overcome the almost slipups will be to be patient with myself by stopping & thinking about who I really want: to be & how I want to feel.


I don’t know about you, but if I let myself down – I hate myself. How upset I feel (so a lot of crying happens) makes me feel exhausted.


I’ve decided to stick a piece of paper next to my bed that I will read at the start of every day, to instruct myself what I’ll do each day and what I won’t do.


Reminders are always helpful.


I think & feel that if you really want to go get em’ in 2024 you should remind yourself at the start of each of your days: who you want to be & what is very important to you.


You can achieve sticking to & succeeding at your New Year’s resolutions.


You go get em’ Hun!





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