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Blog: 180 How you can help humans who have faced over unimaginable challenges - FREEDOM FROM TORTURE

If you had a war in your home country, you'd want the people from whichever country you'd had to move to for safety to help you out, so you can live healthily, safely and comfortably.

If you want to help out those people who are living in this situation - (firstly the people from Ukraine - who are now in the UK - who have flashbacks of being tortured and of seeing their friends and family be tortured then killed). You can find out how you can help to support those in desperate need of care from us safe people in a safe non-war zone.


If you can afford to donate any money, please do. If you can only afford to donate a pound or a few pound don't feel bad. It doesn't matter how much you can afford to donate - every penny counts. Please help people out, so they can start to rebuild their life without starving to death or being very cold in the UK, or whichever country you live in.

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