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Blog: 177 Learning who you are from the relationship(s) you’ve had, so next time you'll put you 1st

Here are some lessons you’ll have learned from a failed relationship. You should of found out what you want and need in your life.

Firstly, always trust your instinct because that’s the real true inner you talking to you. It’ll tell you who you are by showing you what you want and need in your life through emotions you’ll feel..

Never forgive a cheating partner because they’ll never stop cheating.

You deserve to be treated well, so you can spend your time how you want to.

Don’t reveal your true potential to whoever you’re dating. It gives them the opportunity to easily use you and your great qualities. One of which might be having a heart that’s too big – they might see that they can treat you badly and they’ll get away with it because you’re such a gentle, kind and lovely person.

Don’t overshow someone how much you truly love them – they may abuse it. Remember the weakest person in a relationship is in love more, while the strongest person is the one who loves less.

If you feel the need to say no to something – make sure you stick to your no. It is one of the methods of giving boundaries.

Only tell them you love them, once you trust them because they’ve proved they’re a good friend to you.

A failed relationship is far cheaper and less emotionally stressful plus less exhausting than a failed marriage.

If they are not what you want at the start of the relationship, move on so you don’t find yourself not wanting to break their heart nor hurt their feelings – you’d do this: ‘not wanting to hurt them’ because you’re such a kind and gentle person.

Never procrastinate on your personal plans and goals because of a relationship – if you do resentment will happen towards them and to yourself. Never a good thing for anyone, don’t you think?

Learn to love yourself, so you don’t look for love from others – they could hurt you and make you doubt yourself. Avoid being emotional dependant.

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