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Blog: 169 Here's how to find your key to happiness.........

.........If you want to be or feel happier in your day-to-day life, here are a few ways to start getting your happiness vibes flowing in your mind and your heart....

.....Take time for reflection, so you can start each of life's seasons equipped with a sense of self-knowledge.

Is there anything you'd like to accomplish or drop before the end of 2023?

Go get em' by doing your thing(s) that makes you happy, and don't let anyone tell you want you should be doing. It's your time in your life, not their's - so you should make decisions about how you spend your time.

When you do this - which I'm sure you know in your heart of hearts you can do, so you can be whom you want to be, when you'll succeed in doing thing(s) that make you happy - (just make sure they're all legal).

As you gain your self-knowledge it can be useful to record what you've learned about yourself. Each night write down in a notebook, or in your diary the things you've felt about whom you are and how you've developed each day. Also, you should write down things that have gone wrong, so you can learn and grow from them.

As you find yourself improving in your short and your long term actions and plans, you'll be proud of yourself. This will put a smile on your face, because you'll feel very chuffed you are you - a happier you - than you were before you started developing yourself every day.

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