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Blog: 152 How to sponsor and help out dogs & cats in care at the RSPCA

If you're like me you love dogs and cats - if you're lucky enough to have them as part of your family when you were growing up or now you're a grown up - you'll really have it in your heart to help the RSPCA make sure they have everything the animals need to be healthy and happy.

I'm an only child, so my dogs and cats when I was growing up were seriously my best friends - I think and feel they were like having brothers or sisters.

I had a cat called Henry when I lived on my own as an adult and I really felt as if I was his mum. When he popped his clogs at the age of 21.5 years old it broke me, because he was a very important part of my adult family life.

I'm only telling you this, to help you read how much dogs and cats mean to me.

Therefore, I donate a small amount of money each month to the RSPCA - every penny counts hey!

Many pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits and pet birds might be lost without the RSPCA, because they look after them until they have an owner and a family to be a part of.

If you'd like to make a difference to animals life - so to make sure the RSPCA can afford to stay open, be vets if the animals need them to be and to feed them - use this link to find out how you can get involved - e.g. sponsor some cats and dogs.

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