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Blog: 117 Music is the answer to your problems – as the famous song says!……

…………Music has always been the answer to my problems. I don’t know about you, but if I’m upset, so feeling down about something, if I listen to some fun music I can at least tap my feet to – but knowing me I usually get up and shake my thing – so have a boogie and this helps to put a smile on my face. If you can help your heart health, by listening to music it helps us individually and collectively – this is why singing anthems in crowds helps us to feel we’re in it together. Dancing in nightclubs puts a smile on most of our faces. Evolutionary scientists say human beings may have developed a dependence on music as a communication tool because our ancestors descended from arboreal species — tree-dwellers who called to one another across the canopy.

If we need cheering up, we normally go to a concert at a large stadium or down the local pub, to hear the latest popular music, or to hear a band playing some of the old school classics, from most the decades: 1950s to the present decade 2023.

If you love clubbing / house music like I do, you’ll possibly enjoy starting your day off with the brilliant tune ‘Yeah, Yeah’ by Body Rox. The beats, electric instruments and vocal have me dancing, smiling and feeling happy to be alive, so I can enjoy going for it to this tune! Give it a go, it might have the same effect on your fine self!

If clubbing / house music is not your thing – choose whatever piece of music you feel in your heart and you love with your mind – so you can start your day off or end your day by listening to it and it making you feel good..

This shouldn’t fail to get your head and heart in the right place for you to have a happy and successful day - when you’re full of the joys of life. If you finish your day listening to it, it should put your mind in the right place for you to have a perfect dream, that will make you feel content and possibly give you an answer you’ve been looking for.

If you own an electronic appliance such as an Alexa, that you can make playlists on, make yourself some for various moods you’re in, times of the day and for special events E.G (here are some of my playlists):

· Start the day

· I’m back have fun!

· Happy to be alive again!

· Party

· Dancing

Id I was you I’d choose names for your playlists that will suit whatever kind of mood you’re in, or whatever you feel like doing E.G.: dancing, partying and DJing. They should be very personal for you or those you love to keep you and those you love happy.

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