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Blog: 113 Make the most of your inner & external beauty

We all have talents, intelligence and we don’t look too bad either. You might doubt this is true, but if you don’t love parts of you and you doubt yourself, you won’t ever be truly content and happy. Plus, if you don’t love yourself (in a way where you don’t have a huge ego), others won’t be able to love you either.

In your life who makes the rules about how you feel about yourself? It should and must be you – so you can see and feel you’re internally & you’re externally very beautiful. Inner beauty is just as important as external beauty – Inner beauty is demonstrated, when you show kindness and warmth to others.

Don’t let you be pulled into comparing yourself to the models and film stars of the world, who probably have make up artists and possibly more money than you to buy what you’ve been marketed to about. Meaning you’ll buy things that make you look, seem and feel like you’re the coolest and best looking in the crowd.

If you’re getting very high marks or grades in whatever you might be studying – praise yourself so you can feel proud of you.

If external beauty (the so called perfect external beauty) is very important to you; every day get yourself as clean, well made up and dressed to impress as you can – that’ll make them wish they were you. Plus, who knows whom you might bump into, perhaps someone who you have had the hots for a lot for a while. If you do bump into them, even if nothing happens such as you getting their number and hopefully you getting asked to go on a date with them. Once you’re on your own, you should feel happy that you really to have the ‘get up and go’ feeling in your life. Plus, they’ll probably have the hots for you too now!

To help everyone feel good and happy during their and your day, do your best to say funny, laugh out loud or put a smile on their and your face. You’ll get a good reputation if you do this. You’ll be known as the person to hang out with if the mood needs lightening. - If something bad or sad is happening in someone’s life. Or if a friend of yours is throwing a dinner party, or an actual party when an entertainer is very much needed.

How do I know these tricks of the being loved by others trade? I’ve never taken things too seriously; I lighten the mood by making them laugh when I take the mick out of myself. Plus, I’m talented at dancing, so if others at a party aren’t enjoying the music and have no self- confidence to get up and shake their thing (ass), I partner with them, tell them to let go of their self-consciousness, smile and shake their thing by pretending no one is watching them, so they don’t feel like they’re being judged and they can really enjoy themselves.

Give these things a go, if you don’t like to dance, try using the making people laugh trick or just get people’s drink for them while they’re shaking they’re thing!

Always tell those who you love in your life, about your good marks in your studies, so they can be proud of you too. Add the best marks you get in your studying to your CV, so you get the job that’s meant to be part of your life.

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