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Blog: 110 How & why to make the most of your strengths

To help you enjoy your life and time with your friends – plus hopefully make some new friends, dig deep - choose what you’re best at and you enjoy the most – plus you know other people enjoy it or them too. Then invite your friends to spend some time with you while you do it or them.


............If you and your friends love music, your friends may love going partying with you. So, throw some parties where you choose fab and fun party music for all of you to dance to. When everyone can let their hair down – if you’re a dancer and a DJ like I am – you can provide the entertainment that people normally pay good money to see / hear and be a part of. So, your party in your home becomes like a brilliant free nightclub.

If you love cooking and you have only ever had compliments on your food – throw dinner parties for your friends. Your dinner parties should make you and them feel happy, plus all your souls should feel uplifted.

If there is a big football or rugby game or Olympic event going on, you could invite the guys and girls around to experience it or them together. Ladies, you could even host or attend as a person’s or team’s cheerleader – that should make you feel good and put a smile on your bloke mate’s faces.

If you’ve put quite a bit of love and work into getting your garden looking like fab and as if you’ve been inspired by a gardening show, invite your friends over for them to have a look: relax, read or a party in – you’ll probably get some compliments for your efforts.

If you and a few of your friends love to have a sing song, why not have a karaoke night, or start your own choir. You could watch Sister Act together for a bit of inspiration. Once you have some songs that you all feel confident singing, you could put on a choir performance / event at one of your homes or the church / village hall. Sell tickets to the event and donate the money to a charity that’s favoured by the majority of you, or a charity that is really struggling to find funds.

Making the most of your strengths should give you a boost to your confidence levels, put a smile on yours and your friend’s faces. Plus, help to give you the ‘get up and go’ to succeed at whatever you need to in your life, for you to be happy and feel loved by yourself plus you’ll gain respect from other people in your life.

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