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Blog: 102 The clue is in the title….

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

....If you need to hear how you wish to feel give the tune ‘Happiness’ by Junior Jack a listen and give ‘I like the way you move; by Body Rockers a listen because that tells it like it is – who doesn’t fancy someone because of the way they move in or off the dance floor - hopefully you with them.

I’ve just got a notebook that is here to be kept as a daily diary and on the front it’s called: I’M KIND OF AWESOME’, now who doesn’t want to write down shit they have to get through to make them feel and be kind of awesome? We all long to be and usually are kind of awesome!

Most films are called what they’re called to tell you what you’ll get from the film. E.G.:

Four Weddings and a funeral – there are 4 weddings and yep 1 funeral.

Fight Club – the Brad Pitt film that is about fighting – what a surprise it’s about fighting and what a bonus that hot man Mr Pitt is in it.

The book called ‘The Life & Lines of Brandon Block is about Brandon Block’s brilliant and very successful life in the clubbing world as a partier and world famous DJ and shock horror as the title says he loves a line of drugs. Who wouldn’t being a DJ and a party animal.

I recommend this book if you want to relive your youth and or understand the UK’s and the World’s clubbing scene.

If you want to get what you’re thinking about or paying for – pay attention to the title – because the clue usually is in the title.

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