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Blog: 100 Are you trying to change your ways? Here’s how to….

Do you have a few things you don’t like about yourself and you’re bored of giving yourself a hard time about it or them? It’s getting boring and annoying for your mind– you want to enjoy yourself being alive, not waste your precious time being annoyed and frustrated with yourself.

When you make it time to turn over a new leaf, start off by going easy on yourself, not hard on yourself (like you possibly usually do / are).

Even if you and your ways you’re now changing are not perfect at first, if you start off by making small changes, really notice them and let yourself feel proud of your progress, so you can smile and feel happy about being you!

It might not be easy for you to make your changes, but feel proud of yourself for giving it a go.

E.G I have a very sweet tooth, so chocolate has become a regular part of my diet. I’m starting to put quite a bit of weight on, not that there is anything wrong with that for some people, but I’m used to being skinny and most my clothes are the very small sizes (6 or 8), so I’ve decided stop wasting my money and my time on consuming it any more. It’s not cheap to buy these days and it’s not great for my thighs, arms, legs or jaw line – so it’s not great for my self-esteem.

I’ve taken my chocolate from my fridge and given it to some of my friends for their children. I missed one bag of mini eggs and one bar of chocolate. I went to sleep with it on my bed side table, just to see if I could resist it in the morning. Yep, I haven’t eaten it and I have no intention to devour it.

On my Alexa ages ago I made a playlist called dancing and today I’ve started my day off listening to it while doing some aerobics and having a boogie! Last night I told myself to start my day off this way and because I’ve followed my start to become skinny again and I want me to love dancing again like I did in my youth – I’ve started my day off feeling happy to be alive, because I’m dancing again to brilliant clubbing / disco anthems.

As you can probably tell I’m a chatterbox who gets on great with people and I always end up having a chat with someone while I’m picking some free books from the free book stand at the exit of Tesco. From now on I’m going to make myself listen to what the other person is saying rather than just waiting for my chance to speak – so to add my thoughts on the matter being discussed – this should help them to feel they have not been talked at by me. Leaving me with no regrets about my innocent behaviour.

Whatever you want to stop doing in your life that is not letting you be who you want to be in your life – start of with small changes, so it is actually achievable and you’ll see and feel that you have become who you want to be before you know it. Your friends will also probably notice and compliment you on whatever you’ve changed in your life. GO YOU!!!

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