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Blog: 174 Now you're an adult are u where u envisioned you'd be - when u were younger?

Now you're an adult to understand whether you're living how you want to, ask yourself: "do I feel comfortable in my own skin?". And "Am I conscious about whom I am?". If your answer to these questions is negative and not the answers you'd like them to be, you should avoid contact with people and situations that make you feel unhappy and avoid situations that have you not liking you because you feel you have to be someone else (not the real you) to be around them. Don't go to any locations where you can't be the lovely, gentle, kind and intelligent human being you really are.

If you spend your time with people you love and who love you, even if you have any flaws - don't worry not everyone's 100% perfect all of the time and most of us doubt ourselves (please don't do this, please believe that you're ace!). People show their true colours when times are tough for you. Very good friends stand by you no matter what is going on. They'll feed you the energy you need to achieve what you want to. Plus good friends will help you to feel self-confident. They'll always tell you the truth about how you're doing in whatever your thing is that makes you happy and lets you feel successful.

Once you feel well rested and lovely because you've kicked self-doubt to the curb. Possibly because your friends have helped you to feel good about who you are and your ability to go get em' (your ambitions!). You'll be internally strong to get em' - your goals in your personal and your work life. You'll be able to be who you want to be and be happy with how you live your life. GO GET EM'!

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