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About LauraMac

I'm a chatterbox, but I wanted you to know who I am and why I'm creating this - our community. It's here so we can share our psycologically mind and lifetime shared experiences.


Most of us go through similar mindful and lifetime experiences.

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The  LauraMac Community

3 book types & what one gets from them

Self-help books
Covering the many things a lot of us mentally suffer with and ways to get through them, to be rid
of feeling depressed, unhappy, possibly suicidal because things feel so bad in one’s head. These
ways of feeling could be because of how one was brought up so parenting skills, or other people
at school or work - so being bullied by others, or because of changes to every aspect of one’s life
because of an accident happening to one or whom one cares about.
How to love yourself and love being alive again, because you’ve only got one life, so learning how
to make the most of your one life. Whether that’s’ your career, talents, looks or popularity that
means a lot to how you feel about yourself and whether you enjoy your days and whether you
sleep well, or dread tomorrow, because you haven’t found a way out of feeling how you do about
your life’s past, present or future.
• Life’s lessons
• Meant to be best friends
• How to get what you want and want what you have now
• Thanks to God
• Ways to make yourself happy again
• Dealing with things – looking after yourself
• Drunk or not? Real or fake stories?
• How to rebuild your life
• How to become a woman


Travelling /Adventure books
These should take you back to how enthusiastic you were about going on your holidays when
you were younger, or when you were grown up enough to be able to possibly achieve more – so
travel the world alone or with friends. They explain for as many countries as Laura’s been to,
what adventures you can go on, so experience while you’re away from your home land. What
you might do, what you might see and whom you’ll possibly meet, plus what you could learn
about how other communities in different parts of the world survive and thrive.
• Life’s journey
• Your travelling adventures – Where, when & how?


Romantic comedies
Most of us have had romantic yet funny moments – I’ve been a lucky woman because I‘ve always
not been short of my choice of men, so I’ve chosen men who I’ve been physically and mentally
attracted to. All have made me laugh and most of us have been in romantic situations when
something(s) have happened which we wish hadn’t happened, but on reflection when telling
your friends about them, are rather funny. If you find your best friend in your love life partner,
you can find those moments together amusing – that usually means you’ve met the one.
• A real life romantic comedy

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