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Blog no 73: Are you an over sharer? Here’s why & how to use it well to boost everyone's happiness.

Are you naturally great with people because that’s how you were born and you just tend to draw people to you because you give off approachable vibes and balls of energy?

This can be for a number of reasons, speaking personally I’m sure I’m great with people because I’m an only child who had it tough when I was child for a number of reasons that I won’t bore you with here and now, but because I know what it feels like to have everything taken away from me - my heart is so big that I love to help and support others who I can see have no money for the basics, or just need a smile putting on their face. I support charities that this world would be a crap place to be without and so I do small things like - if I see a homeless person who genuinely has nothing, I’ll give them however much change, I have in my wallet or pocket, or I see some money on the pavement that they haven’t seen, I’ll pick it up and give it to them. If you feel you want to help others in monetary ways – budget if you can to give money to charities or the homeless. Try to aid others because you’ll feel like a great person for helping some humans out and this will help you to feel happier than you were before you did these good deeds. Plus as an only child if I wasn't good company I've made loads of friends, I myself would be very lonely.

If I see a someone being left out at a party, in a nightclub or at the park & beach, perhaps they don’t have the confidence to join in or to talk to strangers – if you give a person a chance to be themselves and the chance to be included, I’m sure there is no place they’d rather be once they are given this opportunity to join in and feel included.

You might feel that nobody you know is aware of something you’ve experienced or has the same memories and feelings as you do about it in their life – but I find when I share something with a person I’ve only just met, by asking them a question such as “have you heard about this?” or “please tell me your feelings and opinion on this subject” is a great friendly relaxer. Over sharing with your nearest and dearest or folk you’ve only just met is great, fun and interesting, but if you want to get respect from people and make new friends – asking others questions about themself and listening to them, rather than just waiting for your turn to speak works perfectly.

You may have had a wonderfully interesting adventurous life, that you feel the need to share with others – because your things were great and fun to do, you’d like to inspire people to go for it and achieve fun and exciting times in their life time.

It’s key to remember that most people enjoy doing different things for fun, so try to find out from whom you’re about to talk to, if they want to know about what you feel like sharing. It’s lovely to help people share by letting them talk as well, this helps people to feel less lonely. It’s kind of annoying not giving the person you’re sharing with a chance to speak – you don’t want to be avoided if you’re just a talker not a listener too. This could get you a bad reputation, which nobody wants. So try to remember that listening to others share is important for their happiness levels as well as yours.

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