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Blog no: 60 Do you know laughter is great medicine? Here's why.......

Laughter can ease the tension in your life, it starts by easing the tension you might have been holding in your possibly tired and stressed out body.

I don't know about you, but I find if I'm stressed out because I'm worrying about something happening or that might happen in my life, if I think back to a funny thing I or a friend of mine has done, it makes me laugh - having a smile on my face helps me to forget about whatever it is, even if I only forget about it for a few minutes, that's better than not forgetting about it at all, don't you think?

A meet up with your good old friends from your school day tends to be a winner - well I find being with folks whom I remember being with when I was a bit more care free about life in general really cheers me up.

A light hearted romantic comedy to watch or read about really helps. Enjoying this by yourself or with company works - having a smile on your face helps to tell your mind to relax and enjoy your present fun moment.

If you are having fun with others or by yourself, do your best to really live in that present moment, try not to reflect on any past upsetting moments or worry about any future upsetting times.

If you want to laugh and enjoy yourself, so long as it's safe. healthy and legal for yourself and others - laugh - let your troubles exit for as long as you're able to laugh them away.

Trust me, you'll really thank yourself for doing this because laughter really is the best medicine - FACT!

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