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Blog no: 6.5 How to remember things to help you grow as a person

Do you remember things in your life - all sorts of things, from happy day-to-day happenings, to dull things on your every growing to do list - by writing them all on the same note pad?

If this sounds like you, try using a diary so you've got an organised note pad for to do list things and memories.

Keeping a diary in the conventional way will involve you writing in it at the end of every day about things that you've been a part or that you've witnessed - you'd write how they've made you feel.

The conventional way is good because it help you to share your feelings and emotions with yourself - helping you to understand why you do what you do the way that you do it. So it will help you develop as the person you choose to be hopefully not who you're marketed to is best or coolest to be.

So you'll be able to look back at and review your life experiences and read about if things are going the way you want them to in your life.

If you do keep a diary in this way, it would probably be best not to share your words, so your thoughts and feelings with others - who might judge you and make you feel as if you're losing the right frame of mind to function in the conventional manner most of us let ourselves be marketed to.

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