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Blog no.4 Planning where you'll go when you're travelling - possibly the whole world, to plan or to

I always wanted to see as much of the world: my home EARTH - as I possibly could, from a very young age. I think this is because I’d always been lucky enough to grow up with watching my television with great holiday and world travelling TV programmes on it from a young age. Because I wanted to get my A-Levels and then go to dance school to get my Theatre Dance degree (don’t laugh, there is far more to it than just pointing one’s toes well) and my best friend Lisa whom I wanted to travel with was going to university, we chose to plan our travels so we could see as much of the world as we could in the 5 months we had – this was because quite a few months had to be used of our year out for working as many hours as possible to have enough funds to even be able to afford our round the world flight ticket. If you want to travel I found the best way to get ideas for where looked the most fun and adventurous to go to was by watching travel programs on TV and borrowing travel books from friends who had already had an adventure and getting books on different countries I liked the sound and look of from the library. We made a plan so we could buy our plane ticket in one go as this made it so much cheaper, than buying when in one country and wanting to go to another. Don’t worry we did go with the flow while we were in each of our stops. Our chosen stops were: New York (NY), L.A – San Diego, San Francisco, Mexico, Hawaii, Australia, Bali, Singapore, Thailand, Florence, Barcelona and Amsterdam then back to good old sunny Nunny (our home town Nuneaton).

I luckily have friends who live in Long Island, NY, so we stayed with them for a week, then a youth hostel in the city NY, where we went to see a show on Broadway and my word we did hit the shops – be rude not to hey! Then we stayed at my friends mansion in Beverly Hills, LA yep they’re loaded – they have a Jacuzzi and pool in their beautiful garden, we had breakfast most days in the Jacuzzi. My friends are a male gay married couple and check this out – one night I went to say good might to them and Lisa warned me not to, but I thought I was just being polite. I knocked on the door, opened it and yep you guessed it I saw two men making love – all of us were shocked and embarrassed, not surprisingly Lisa laughed her head off. At breakfast the next morning I apologised and they just accepted my apology while they laughed their heads off, saying they were not shocked that it happened. One day we went on a tourist guided trip around LA and we saw the world’s hottest most fancied man, I won’t mention his name just in case he was to sue me, but he pointed at me and said “come here beautiful”, I was in shock and very nervous, but I went nervously over to him, he hugged me, kissed me on my right cheek and said “you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met and we would do it if she wasn’t here” I was so chuffed, but his wife wasn’t as one wouldn’t be – they’re not married any more – I’m not surprised with behaviour like that. If ever I feel crap about my looks I always relive that moment in my head to feel better about my looks and trust me it helps me out big time. We walked over to Mexico, I have a photo of me in Mexico with my foot in LA and Lisa the other way round – classic! Then we stayed in at the Orbit Hotel a youth hostel near Hollywood, I didn’t pay because I hooked up with the owner – a very lovely hot man who wouldn’t let me pay. We partied hard there, met wannabe Hollywood movie stars and I met Britney in a dance class there –so it was loads of fun. When we went to Hawaii, we mainly just swam in the ocean and sunned ourselves up on the very beautiful beaches under sweltering hot sunshine. I had my lobster there for free because the waiter wanted to go to bed with me – I enjoyed the lobster I didn’t let him enjoy me, if you know what I mean he he! We then did Sydney up to Cairns, where the same thing happened but with my first bucket of mussels. We met loads of hot surfers in Byron Bay whom I enjoyed getting lucky with a few. There we went scuba diving over the Great Barrier Reef and I did two sky dives – yes rather scary, but I highly recommend doing a sky dive. I could see Hawaii when I looked one way and all of OZ when I looked the other way. They filmed it and took loads of photos of me by flying right in front of me flying my way through the sky. I love my photos of that once in a life time experience. We were very sad to say goodbye to OZ, I’d definitely go again even though it was 50* every day, we had the ocean to cool down in though so it wasn't too bad. Bali was a great place to experience a part of the world where religion, meditation and yoga are a huge part of life, plus outside market shopping for clothes and food were a treat, then we stopped for 5 minutes at Singapore airport, to pick up more travellers, so only a brief stop, then off to Ko Samoa in Thailand where we’d started seeing the country in Bangkok then we went to Koh Pagan for a full moon beach party, which is essentially a fun loving party head on rave under the moon and starts. I had one of the best nights of my life at it, so I highly recommend it - it’s one not to be missed. Then our last few weeks in Europe, Florence is a beautiful country to look at and be on with wonderful people and great food, Barcelona is the same, but there it has great nightclubs and I’m sure you know what we did in Amsterdam, it led to putting a bit of munched up weight on. We went with the flow meeting life long friends and we have happy memories for life - all done on a budget - but non-stop fabulous experiences. My advice is just be very polite, loads of fun to be around and wise when you go places with who you should and who you shouldn't so you can have the time of your life. So you can live with no regrets such as you 'shoulda, woulda, coulda – gone', but now you have too many responsibilities. Make the most of your lifetime so you have no regrets.

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