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Blog no:13 Do you watch so much TV, you wish your life was like your favourite program?

I’ve always watched Sex & the city a lot. – I wish I was one of the characters – yep you guessed it – the youngish, pretty one who is a professional writer. I find it so wonderful and it matches my life so well – other than that I don’t live in New York, I’m not as loaded so rich as they all seem to be, but they all care about each other and watch each other’s backs – just as good friends should and I’m lucky my group of friends is like that.

I won’t list all of the world’s many programs, I’m sure you know which is your favourite – I will just say a few things for you to consider whether your chosen favourite inspires you to be a better person in many ways.

More… confident, ambitious, friendlier, stylish and a representative of what and whom you believe in? You might see yourself demonstrated in a character and watching them makes you proud of yourself, or perhaps you don’t like who you see and it helps you to understand some of the criticism you might have received in your life.

If you look forward to watching your favourite program that you feel you learn a little from and it makes you smile, do continue to fill small bits of your time with it.

If you find yourself dreading what you’ve reluctantly chosen to watch ah hem! Because you don’t like who you see, try to watch something that interests you - if possible, makes you laugh and inspires you to be one of the show's people. At least then you won’t dread any person asking you what your favourite program is, because you’ll be proud of yourself for watching it – you go getter – GO YOU!

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