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Blog 64: How to get what you want & want what you have right now - part 1

You have to know what you want, before you figure out how you’re going to get it and when would be the right time in your life to have it – so it helps to think: do I want to change the results / outcomes of what I have because of what’s happened to me, such as what someone else has done to me, or what I’ve done to myself?

If there is something you want to change from your past, this change no matter what it is will affect your present time and this will hopefully give you what you want in your now time – your time spent wisely in your present moment – every moment is your present moment.

This is very much dependent on what you want – is it something physical? Such as a change to yours or someone else’s physical appearance in your life, or is it a change in your attitude to something in yours or other’s presence in their life?

If we were all to stick to how we’re brought up and possibly educated, we’re all going to have the same life, such as:

Be well educated, so you can achieve a good, well paid successful career, meet a conventionally handsome or beautiful person who earns a bob or two, have some children, to keep your families name going, go on holiday from time to time, when you can get the time off work and when your children have free time because of their school holiday time.

If you feel different from what is considered a normal stable way of feeling and the things you want from your life differ from what you might have been taught about how you should be and what possessions you need in your life, don’t worry – a lot of us don’t want the stereotypical way of being – known as surviving in a well off way, while being externally conventionally beautiful.

It helps if you keep a diary or notepad to write down thoughts and feelings about what you want to achieve in your life, what material items you want and how much they will cost. Also write how they would make you happy, content and feel like who ever you choose to legally be.

Life lessons to help you to get what you want

Here’s a serious lesson to help you with your general life:

If you feel like you’ve let yourself down, leaving you feeling defeated on a day when you really could do without feeling like this – always remember what you’ve come through and achieved in your life so far.

It helps if you believe in your capabilities. Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, often these days we need to use good old modern day technology. Now, technology sometimes is on your side, like sometimes you’re on your side, some days you’re not so much – on those not so much days – allow yourself the day off.

If you have a favourite book, read it to take your mind off your weighing you down life things that are really upsetting you.

Come on - you need to know, we all deserve time off from good old modern day life stresses. If you have a friend, neighbour or colleague who is upset, so they’re stressed out, take your time to give them some calming, helpful advice and take the advice you give them for yourself – a lot of us are great at giving advice, but not so great at living in the healed way ourselves.

If you’re one of those people like I used to be – so I partied hard, smoked far too many cigarettes, so even though I was having fun, I was slowly destroying myself. If that sounds like you, like me you probably don’t want to destroy your life, you want a happy, healthy and calm with loads of healthy fun life experiences you want in your heart of hearts.

Changing your habits into your mind’s way of being now

Remember to want what you want now, there are plenty of healthy alternatives to still feel like you’re living it up and being the party animal that everyone loves to be around. There are many very low alcohol alcohols, many nicotine alternatives to smoke that aren’t killing you – if I can stop smoking, trust me anyone can – so you can, helping you to get what you want from your life in a more mentally and physically more mature and stable ways. Plus living and doing a lot of partying in a healthier way will give you a lot more energy so you can go get em’ and achieve what you want in your life – so you can achieve what you want.

How to get what you want and want what you have in your now, so your present time starts with putting yourself first, so your needs first - you can be important to you!

Remember and feel this, so you know and understand this properly:

Yes, you can seek help from others, but by reading books like this one, you are helping yourself - this is the best start to getting what you want in your life and to a long lasting happy person - so you can achieve most things you want to with a smile on your face.

The material things you have and the many different ways you have to spend your time, might not often be how you would love to have spend your time or your money on, but try to be their for others and if your material things and your time spent on various things are helping others, you should let yourself be proud of yourself and this should help you to love yourself – in a non egotistical way.

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