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Blog:18 Do you often worry you will let people & yourself down?

Here's how not to and how to create positivity for yourself each day...

...You may worry you'll let yourself and other people you care about down - so they'll have a bad opinion of you. You worry what they'll think of you and tell you that you can't achieve your goals. Try not to take on board the unfair words others judge you with - they are not good for your self-confidence and if you take what they think and say mentally on board you'll be letting your inner beautiful self down and you'll loose your self-belief.

Your mental health affects your physical health because the brain tries to destress you by putting some of the stresses you may have in a part of your body to relieve you of the stressed out pain in your head - sounds mad, but I promise you this is true.

Your mental health should always be your first priority, so you should aim to get things right first time.

To help you achieve this 'you always achieving goal' - get yourself two diaries - in your first diary you can write down your roles and responsibilities you have with other people - so you don't let anyone down and you get yourself a good reputation by showing you can be relied on because you're a mentally strong, thoughtful and kind to others person.

The things you have to keep in this diary might be to go see a friend with a broken heart or a lack of self-confidence because they have been sacked from their dream job - you want to comfort them so they can move on from this fast.

You should also write down happy experiences you've had each day, to help you to smile and to enjoy your life - by being you.

Your second diary should be for more standard to do list things. Such as: buy and cook healthy food - what not to purchase because you're watching your health and your weight which affects your mood. If something physically goes wrong for you and your looks (most of us are a tiny bit vein) this is bad for your mood, add whether you're going to the gym or not. Also keep a health notebook that you should include some mantras to say when you're meditating - they should be on your list to do every morning before your modern day life lists get in the way. Also meditate every evening to balance you out, finish with calm positive vibes.

Always start every day off with a positive message to yourself and these should destress you if you have a rubbish day. Also for you to internally celebrate success you've made happen each day - use your mind to internally be proud of yourself. Celebrating successes is good for your mental health, enabling your physical health to be on your winning side too. GO YOU!

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