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Blog: 156 Greenpeace - found out here how they're supporting work to save all our homes: Earth

Click this Greenpeace link to find the full stories about the following - very needed actions and Greenpeace's work they're doing to help to stop global warming:

Everyone should try to tell SUNAK: no new oil!

Activists covered the Prime Ministers house in black fabric in protest against hundreds of new gas and oil licenses.

Find out which 9 beautiful places water companies are polluting with sewage.

Learn how Greenpeace campaigns in China.

How UK sewage is put into UK rivers and seas. How to fix it - we all need to learn how we can all help to fix it.

There are a few more articles than these that are highlighted to you - they all need: reading (if you can) and for you to tell others about what Earth is up against.

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